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Topiary available from Middlecombe Nursery
These plants are really special - Quality and Price! - Firm favourites with all our customers. The list below shows the variety we have on offer.
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   Variety Form Range of Sizes Available
Topiary Ilex 'Nellie Stevens' Lollypop   
Topiary Ilex Altaclerensis'Golden King' Pyramid   
Topiary Ilex Aq. 'Argenteomarginata' Pyramid   
Topiary Ilex Aq.'J. C.van Tol' Lollypop   
Topiary Ilex Aq. 'J. C.van Tol' Pyramid   
Topiary Ligustrum Jap. 'Excelsum Superbum' Lollypop   
Topiary Ilex Altaclerensis 'Golden King' Lollypop   
Topiary Buxus Sempervirens (Box) Balls   
Topiary Buxus Sempervirens (Box) Duoball   
Topiary Buxus Sempervirens (Box) Lollypop   
Topiary Buxus Sempervirens (Box) Pyramid   
Topiary Buxus Sempervirens (Box) Trioball   
Topiary Crypt Elegans Lollypop   
Topiary Cupressocyparis Laylandii Castlewellan Gold Lollypop   
Topiary Cupressus Arizonia Glauca Lollypop   
Topiary Cupressus Fastigata Aurea Lollypop   
Topiary Cupressus Laylandii Castlewellan Gold Lollypop   
Topiary Cupressus Laylandii Castlewellan Gold      
Topiary Euonymus Ovatus Aurea Lollypop   
Topiary Euonymus Ovatus Aurea Pyramid   
Topiary Ilex Convexa Lollypop   
Topiary Ilex Crenata Convexa Clouds   
Topiary Ilex Crenata Convexa Pom Pom x 4   
Topiary Ilex Crenata Convexa Pyramid   
Topiary Ilex Crenata Fastigiata Column   
Topiary Laurus Nobilis (Bay) Lollypop   
Topiary Ligustrum Delavayanum Lollypop   
Topiary Ligustrum Delavayanum Pyramid   
Topiary Ligustrum Delavayanum Spiral   
Topiary Ligustrum Delavayanum Tiered Ball (3)   
Topiary Ligustrum Jonandrum Lollypop   
Topiary Ligustrum Jonandrum Pom Pom   
Topiary Ligustrum Jonandrum Pom Pom   
Topiary Ligustrum Jonandrum Pyramid   
Topiary Ligustrum Superbum Lollypop   
Topiary Olea Europaea Lollypop   
Topiary Picea Globosa Lollypop   
Topiary Pinus Brepo Lollypop   
Topiary Pinus Pinea Lollypop   
Topiary Pinus Sylvestris Lollypop   
Topiary Prunus Caroline Lollypop   
Topiary Prunus Otto Luyken Lollypop   
Topiary Viburnum Tinus Eve Price Lollypop   
Topiary Wisteria Lollypop       
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